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Simple attendance input system


It is an application that records attendance status, and time and attendance.Attendance time, allows you to easily enter clock-out time.I can be used as a roster attendance table weekly monthly report.By inputting the time in advance, it can also be used as the shift table.It is recommended for the part-time job so can also salary calculation.*Quick InputYou can have the opportunity to register the current time at the touch of a button.rounded up, and truncation, rounding can also register (15.30.60-minute increments)
*And fixed time input functionBy registering in advance the time that you use frequently, you can enter quickly at the touch of a button the attendance time.You can register up to two maximum of time to use well.For example, by registering a time early shift, late shift of, you will be able to enter the attendance time more easily.
*Multi-function time pickerI was provided with a ring-like auxiliary command buttons such as certain games on time picker existing.Time to use well, the current time, it is easy to set up 5, 30 minutes ±.
*Overtime calculationI can be calculated easily (overtime) overtime.Working late at night, late-night overtime, holiday attendance, I also supported in the middle of the night holiday.
*Salary calculation (approximately), transportation costs calculatedBy entering basic pay, overtime unit price, you can calculate the salary (but are approximate).It supports flexible hourly, daily wage, even monthly salary.In addition, you can calculate the travel expenses based on a fixed value or number of attendances.
*Breakdown of setting (attendance) working hoursI can register up to five at the breakdown.You can attach a name to the breakdown.Name can be set daily, monthly, on the whole.
*Break-time settingThis setting can be made monthly, on the whole.
*Export functionYou can export all the items on a monthly basis.
*Backup / restoreI can backup / restore at the touch of a button.
*Fortune-functionYou can see fortune, love luck, a lucky color.Working overtime overtime and attendance time zone employment paid absence left the company start date simple fortune shift part-time job salary